Safeship is a short story that is part of a science fiction anthology called Into The Unknown, featuring seven short stories of faith and bravery, published by Ambassador International.  It is set to be released on August 17, 2021 and is now available for preorder!

After a dangerous heist goes south, Bhirus finds sanctuary with his fellow Upper Thieves in one of their clandestine Safeships.  Once aboard, he begins to suspect that the ship’s crew may not be what they seem, and he finds himself confined to a Safeship that may be anything but safe.

The Withering

My debut novel to be published by Ambassador International

YA Dystopian Fantasy

Launch date: TBD

How far would you go to protect the ones you love?  During the apocalyptic final days of Noloro, three orphaned teens have nothing left in the world but each other.  A mysterious sorcerer offers them a way off their dying world, but at what cost?  Family and faith are at the heart of this end-of-the-world adventure.

Fantasy Land


Faolan can't imagine his life without Lioslaith, but feeding and boarding a dragoness is expensive.  Faolan needs to place third or better in the dragon races at this year's tournament, but Lioslaith is still recovering from an injured wing.  Faolan isn't willing to part from his dragoness without a fight, which means he must come up with a creative solution to a very difficult problem.

This short story is currently entered in the Writers of the Future contest, which has yet to be judged.  Join my mailing list to be the first to know when it is available to read!

Peter Periwinkle

A five year-old boy sails the seven-colored rainbow sea, battles pirates, and faces a fearsome dragon in order to reclaim his one-eyed teddy bear’s stolen treasure; but he’ll uncover a treasure far greater than what’s in the chest.


Courage and friendship are at the center of this children's picture book.

Peter Periwinkle (Dreams of Pirates) is the first in a children's picture book series.  Two manuscripts have been written for the series so far, and are both in the revision process.

Pirate Flag