P.S. Patton


My name is P.S. Patton and I am a speculative fiction author and songwriter based on the Central Coast of California.


I'm a thirty-something husband and father who spent my early years reading superhero comics, writing and illustrating comics of my own, learning the secrets of the ooze, the balance of the force, the deeper magic from before the dawn of time, awakening the wind fish, shooting marbles and slamming pogs, collecting and trading Pokémon cards, restoring Hyrule, becoming the Hero of Time, searching the scriptures, studying eschatology, and feeling just as—if not more—fascinated with the worlds of Shakespear, Dickens, Salinger, and Steinbeck; as with those of Rowling, King, Lewis, and Tolkien.

On occasion, I'll use a run-on sentence for effect.

My debut novel is a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure novel titled The Withering, and it is set to be published by Ambassador International in July of 2022.


I've a rather strange and varied array of experiences under my belt.  I won first place in a county wide poetry contest at age 15 for a poem called Reading By The Lake.  I served as the editor for the "Investigations" page of my high school newspaper.  I have written hundreds of songs and toured across the country with a rock band (My band is called Oh My Land if you are curious, and you can listen to us on all the major music streaming platforms).  I spent a year working on big-budget productions in Hollywood, and I spent a couple years thereafter working in a steel fabrication shop.  I worked on an ambulance for five years as an EMT, and later as a Paramedic.


Since 2015 I have been making a living as a commercial photographer.  My wife and I also own an online fabric store called Cottoneer Fabrics and a fabric wholesale business called Fableism Supply Co.  I've spent the last decade balancing the demands of work, parenting, and writing into the late hours of the night when all is finally quiet.  I currently reside in the small town of Templeton, CA with my wife Andrea, my two children Sophia and Phin, and a rambunctious Boston Terrier named Rocket, who certainly lives up to his name.

Loaves + Fishes

10% of all my proceeds from book sales will go to feeding local families in need through Loaves + Fishes in my hometown of Paso Robles, California.

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