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Camping Trip: Santa Margarita Lake!

My family and I spent this past weekend out at Santa Margarita Lake, hiking, cooking, and exploring the beauty of God's creation! Tyler, Jaimee, and their dog Dottie joined us as well! We had a Bible study with the kids, played guitar and sang around the fire, and ate some seriously delicious food!

I got a little reading in while the kids played on the shore of the lake.

Out under the stars and away from the city lights, one of the strangest things that happened is that we saw a TON of UFOs in the sky. I've been seeing the videos all over social media, and wondering if the videos people were posting were real or a hoax, but we all saw the same thing. Not just one—not even just one kind—we saw a whole flurry of strange things happening in the sky. I tried to film, but my iPhone wouldn't capture any of it. It was all just dark, so unfortunately all I can do is point to similar videos I've seen other people take. I still don't really know what to make of that whole thing, whether it's actually spiritual entities of some sort (what unbelievers call inter-dimensional beings or aliens), or if it's so-called "project bluebeam" or some other government conspiracy, but what I do know is that we saw some weird things as clear as can be, and there were three of us that saw the same thing, so I know I'm not crazy!!!

The view on the way up to Rocky Peak.

Our friend Leo lent us his portable propane grill for the weekend, and Andrea cooked up a storm, making us a bunch of very happy campers! Eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and porridge in the mornings, and sauteed veggies, steak, chicken, and potatoes for dinner. For lunch, we kept it simple with sandwiches, and of course we ate way too many chips, cookies, and smores. I'm hoping I worked some of that off during our beautiful hike up to Rocky Peak!

The last time we went tent-camping, Phin was just 8 months old, and I think we decided after that, that we would wait a while before we do this again. Well, it's been a while... probably too long. The kids were awesome and helpful, and had a really special time out there. Phin was especially sad when it was time to leave, and had to spend a few minutes with his rock to say goodbye. So it's back to work this morning, but I'm so glad we took the weekend to get outside with the kids, and grateful to Ty, Jaimee, and Dot for making the trip!

Phin spent the majority of the time at camp hanging out on his rock.

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