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Christmas Eve Service | We Three Kings

My wife Andrea and I performed We Three Kings at Christmas Eve worship service 2020, joined by Paul Frankel and Ben del Georgio. We'd never practiced this with Paul and Ben before, they just happened to be there and spontaneously joined in, and it added so much! Both of those guys are so talented : )

I love this song so much, as it really highlights the significance of the three gifts that the magi brought to the newborn Messiah. Gold, for the King of Kings. Frankincense for our High Priest. Myrrh to honor his sacrifice.

I'm planning to do a blog post about Myrrh, because it is incredible when you really understand the significance of it, what it is used for and how it is extracted, and most of all, how it symbolizes what our Savior went through for us.

Anyway, enjoy our impromptu rendition of We Three Kings!

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