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Cover: My One Comfort by Dustin Kensrue / The Modern Post

Here's another fun cover for you! It's called My One Comfort by Dustin Kensrue. I have been a fan of Dustin's band Thrice from the beginning when they were glorifying God in their songs in albums like Identity Crisis and The Illusion of Safety, and especially later in albums like Vheissu and The Alchemy Indices. When Dustin came out with his own worship album called The Water and the Blood, I was all over it - and it is still my favorite worship album to date. I'm not sure about the reason why or when this happened, but at some point after its release, the album artist switched from Dustin Kensrue to The Modern Post, the name of his worship band.

If you're into this style of worship music, leave a comment to let me know what other worship artists/bands I should be listening to and maybe even cover.

I'm thinking about releasing some original songs on this channel, but I want to build up the audience a little more before I do that, so if you know someone who would enjoy my channel, please share it with them, and don't forget to subscribe yourself : ) Lyrics My one comfort both in life and death Is that I am not my own I was bought with blood and I confess I belong to you alone By the Father's good decree Jesus, you've delivered me By your Spirit set me free To follow you Jesus, you have taken hold of me And in your grip of grace I'm finally free Source: LyricFind Songwriters: Dustin Kensrue My One Comfort lyrics © Music Services, Inc In case you're wondering, I picked up this cool social media link graphic from

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