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COVER: Rock of Ages by Dustin Kensrue / The Modern Post

As a songwriter, I can't listen to songs without analyzing the lyrics. Music can move your soul, and lyrics can cut to your heart, and when both are done well, a simple song can be a very powerful thing.

This song is such an inspiration to me, and is a great example of the kind of worship songs I would like to write myself. I decided to play it for you here in order to connect with others who also love this brand of worship, and to hopefully get some recommendations on other great worship that is out there, so if you have recommendations, please comment below to introduce me to your essential worship bands, artists, songs, and playlists.

If I get a good response to this video, I'll try to start posting more videos like this, so if you liked this song, please click the like button, and don't forget to subscribe because I am hoping to post more videos like this one!

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