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Dream of Two Beasts

The Holy Spirit is Moving

Hey all! The spirit is moving.

God is giving His people dreams, the Holy Spirit is giving visions, and God gave me a dream last night. Now I've had dreams before—very powerful visions and dreams, but usually they are more personal in nature and have something to do with my life, and a big move God's going to make in my own life—and usually they come true that very day, or they start to go into effect that very day. Even if I don't realize it at the time, I can look back late and realize that there was clear even that very day when I woke up that put God's vision which he gave me into motion. So I had a dream last night—I've never had a dream like this where it was on a Biblical scale, on a world-wide scale. It was not a personal dream meant for me—it was meant for the world. Because of the way these sort of dreams have come to pass before, it seems to me that this is something that happened or is happening or will happen today. So I want to share this dream with you guys.

I was in a big temple of some sort, reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda video games. I know that God sometimes give you familiar imagery to work with, so in my dream there was a pool in the middle of the temple, and sconces with fire on the walls. There was a portal in the corner, and I couldn't see into it because it was perpendicular to me.

There was a figure across the pool from me. I got the feeling that meant across the ocean, but I'm not sure about that. It was standing on the ground on the other side of the pool. It was a sickly-looking, gray clay figure—almost like if Celebrity Death Match made a twisted and gross version of Gumby. It wasn't Gumby though. It was just a lifeless clay figure.

Out of the portal came the spirit of the devil—that ancient dragon—and it entered the clay figure and brought it to life.

Immediately I was in the ocean, swimming in the waves, and there was a figure next to me that I couldn't really see. It was under the water, but I could feel it up against me. The spirit of the devil—the dragon—came out of the portal and into this figure. This figure was more like a woman, and I grabbed it by the ankles and dragged it like a fish out of the water, and I put it back into the portal. That was the end of the dream.

I woke up and it immediately seemed clear to me that this was the beast of the land and the beast of the sea from the Revelation Jesus gave to John, and that the spirit of the devil—that ancient dragon—had officially entered into the two beasts of Revelation.

These thoughts were going around in my mind all morning, and as I dropped off my kids at school, we were listening to the Legend of Zelda playlist on Spotify that my kids like to listen to in the car. That playlist was playing, but when a playlist ends, Spotify will start playing random songs from other playlists that it thinks you will enjoy...

So after I drop off my children, I'm on my way back home, alone in the car, contemplating the dream and asking God to make the meaning clear. I think I know what it means—it seems pretty self-explanatory, but I'm asking God to tell me if that's really the true meaning or if it's something else. As I'm praying and contemplating the meaning of the dream, I look up at the dash and I see the name of the song that is playing. It's not a song that's on our playlist—the playlist had ended and Spotify had found another song for me at that very moment. The song was Dragonborn Theme from Skyrim.


It seemed clear to me that God played that song at that very moment to confirm to me that it was in fact that ancient dragon—the devil—who had given life to the two beasts in my dream, just as Jesus said in the revelation he gave to John.

If you aren't familiar with the Revelation, this might seem confusing and strange. God is telling me this morning not to hide His light under a bowl—it was given so that all may see by it. Do with that what you will, and feel free to reach out if you want to know more.

Love you guys!

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