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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The science-fiction/thriller anthology Into The Unknown from Ambassador International is now available for pre-order! This anthology features seven short sci-fi tales, including one by yours truly called Safeship.

The eBook is now available for preorder for 1/2 the price of your morning coffee, and I could really use your support! Beside that, this is my first published work and I am so excited to share it with you all! Click here to preorder your copy now, and it will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on August 17! Don't have a Kindle? No Problem! You can read it right in your browser!

This anthology features science-fiction thrillers from the following authors: Daniel Peyton, Lauren Smyth, Eric Landfried, Allen Steadham, Daphne Self, P.S. Patton, and Jake Tyson.

Below is an exclusive preview of my short story, Safeship:


“We’re glad to be of service. I’m sure you’re exhausted after getting chased through

Reynolds. Big place. Nowhere to hide.”

Again, the overly expectant look. Had they drugged the tea? There was only one way to

find out.

“I am,” Bhirus said, then forced the most convincing yawn he could muster. “I shouldn’t

be so sleepy, but I am. I can hardly keep my eyes open to be honest.”

“Then rest. Once you finish your tea, Lav will show you to the guest berth. We can

settle up later once you’re rested.”

He’d never had to use a safeship before, but it still seemed to him that something was

very wrong with this situation. She hadn’t even asked his destination. This was not good. Where were they taking him? He thought he’d stand a good chance against these two, but there

were likely others on board. For now, he thought it best to go with it until he could figure out

what game they were at.

Bhirus smiled back at Captain Vinia and held up his tea cup as if to offer a toast. Vinia’s

gaze lingered on him until she exited the galley leaving Bhirus alone with Lavender once again.

He held his tea cup to his lips and breathed in the steam into his tight lungs. Lavender’s eyes

were fixed firmly on the cup once again. The captain had managed to act normal enough, but red

flags were flying with this one.


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