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Let's Talk Fiction (+ Songwriting) With P.S. Patton, Author of The Withering

Hey all! Listen to me ramble about writing and whatnot on the Beyond the Grammar Podcast!


P.S. Patton is a speculative fiction author and songwriter based on the Central Coast of California.

He is a husband and father who spent his early years reading superhero comics, writing and illustrating comics of his own, learning the secrets of the ooze, the balance of the force, the deeper magic from before the dawn of time, awakening the wind fish, shooting marbles and slamming pogs, collecting and trading Pokémon cards, rescuing Hyrule, searching the scriptures, and feeling just as fascinated with the worlds of Shakespear, Dickens, Melville, and Steinbeck; as with those of Sanderson, Rothfuss, Rowling, and King.

Enjoy today's episode of Beyond the Grammar!

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