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Safeship Chapter 1: The Tightness

There's a brand new Christian science-fiction/thriller anthology out, and I've got a story inside the pages called Safeship. Scroll down to listen as I read from the first chapter of Safeship!


After a dangerous heist goes south, Bhirus finds sanctuary with his fellow Upper Thieves in one of their clandestine Safeships. Once aboard, he begins to suspect that the ship's crew may not be what they seem, and he finds himself confined to a Safeship that may be anything but safe.

Into the Unknown: Seven Short Stories of Faith and Bravery

These seven stories take place in a shared universe. Each story is unique and separate from the others, yet there are threads that run through them all. Humanity has spread and colonized regions of the galaxies. As their reach expanded, countries, colonies, and planets joined to form the Federated Nations, providing a centralized government among the stars.

Along with the Science Conglomerate—who explores and researches the unknown regions—and the Judicial Clerical Court—purveyors of truth, history, and justice—humanity discovers new beings, wondrous worlds, old temptations, and strength in horrendous trials.


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