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Why I Don't Play the Covid Game

When people ask why I’m not playing the Covid game...

First, let me say that I don't know the first thing about this guy, Dave Smith. I simply came across this video clip and knew I couldn't have said it better myself, so I'm sharing it. This is exactly why I don't play the Covid game. Sure, you can argue that totalitarianism is justified, but you can't deny that it is full-blown totalitarianism which we are enduring. I, for one, will NOT be justifying it for one second—I will be standing up against it.

It’s easy to obey and get applause and pretend you’re helping others, especially if you don’t understand the harm you are causing. It’s hard to stand up against an entire society that is spitting on you and cursing you for actually standing up for others’ rights who apparently don’t even understand what is at stake or value this country.

Look at Canada. Look at the UK. Look at Australia. We are not far behind. People are having their children taken from them by their governments. People are being thrown in prison and denied the right to appeal. People’s livelihoods are being destroyed by the government.

Totalitarian governments are responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths and absolutely dwarf Covid-19 in terms of death toll—it’s not even comparable.

Here’s to the brave ladies in my life who endure name-calling, curses, and getting screamed at when you enter the grocery store so you can feed your family. You are courageous and admirable. I hardly ever even get approached, probably because I’m scarier, and weak people pray on those who they perceive as weak—women and children. We both know they are mistaken in that respect.

Men who don’t wear masks, good job to you too, but we are built for confrontation, so that kind of “courage” is bare minimum for us. Risking ridicule pales in comparison to risking your life like our brave men and women of the military. Many have risked their lives and given their lives to stand against totalitarianism in the United States, so the very least I can do is get yelled at by bratty millennials. Even contracting and dying of Covid is preferable to allowing totalitarianism here.

The government has been training you to be quiet, to listen, to watch your screen and follow instructions since you were very small, so while I understand that dissenting goes against all of your extensive training, I am shocked by how many people have blindly gone along with the program.

If you do wear a mask and take the vaccine in order to “protect others”, I can appreciate your intent, however please consider that you may be ushering in a far worse, far more deadly virus by way of short-sighted compliance. I believe that to be so, and that is why I do not play the Covid game.

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