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Podcast + New Song

Between Lewis & Lovecraft

What's up nerds?! If you're like me and you actually enjoy listening to other people nerd out in long-form, then might I suggest subscribing to Between Lewis & Lovecraft?

Oh yeah, and by the way, I happen to be the guest on the latest episode that just dropped today!

Tyler and I talk about everything from music to writing to movies and comics to poetry and plotting novels, and we even spend an excessive amount of time on the probably-cliche-by-now metaphor of building toasters.

I talk about my attempts at juggling 800 things at the same time and Tyler explains how he ended up named after a truck. We have a riveting conversation about our preferred word processors, and I even play an original song at the end. It's an original song called Hard Knock School that has never been recorded or played live for an audience, so this is the first time I've played this one in public.


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